Primary Caregiver Support Management, LLC is here to serve as your liaison, if you live out of state and you need a go-to person to manage the care of your love one (s), or you live in the same state but you are in a different town. Our job is to help you have a piece of mind while you keep your love one in a stable and familiar environment. Your loved one get to stay in their homes, many seniors prefer to stay at home and maintain a sense of independence.

As a “Primary Caregiver” we often have to make hard decisions; whether we think sending our love ones to a nursing home is best or even a safer place for them; sorry to say it’s not always the case.

Remember, you must get the physical and emotional support that you need as “Primary Caregiver” because it’s very easy to find yourself stress and burnout.

It helps to know you are not alone. It is also very comforting to receive support from others who understand exactly what you are going through.

Finally, don’t dismiss how you feel as a caregiver, don’t beat yourself when anxiety, worry, guilt, anger, and resentment come in; just to let you know it is ok “you are human”, we are here to listen to you without interruption or judgement.

Scenario 1

You live in NY, Chicago or whatever state you are in, your phone ring at 1:00 am, it’s the hospital “we found mom on the floor, she fell and broke her hip” now you are frantic trying to catch a plane to come to Florida, if you are like many primary caregiver, you have to make arrangements for your kids and you have to take off work. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone there that can keep you in the loop every step of the way until you get there? Their fee is not included in our management fee.

Scenario 2

You live in Orlando or Jacksonville, 3:00 am Dad’s neighbor call, “the ambulance just left with your dad he had a minor stroke, you panic you want to get there as fast as you can. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to go be with your dad to make him feel comfortable until you get there? Their fee is not included in our management fee.

Scenario 3

You notice mom/dad/husband/wife are mostly independent but they have some mobility issues due to their age, or they had surgery but now they need extra help and you live in Michigan, we will help you get someone in there to assist them couple days a week or as many days as you want. They will assist with bathing and dressing, light housekeeping and meal prep, grocery shopping and other errands. we are simply here to help you decide Their fee is not included in our management fee.

Scenario 4

As the primary caregiver you might work outside the home, mom and dad live with you, but they can’t be left alone due to a condition such as Alzheimer ’s disease or a severe disability. If you need a live-in, we will help you get an agency or a private person. Their fee is not included in our management fee.

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